Frequently Asked Questions

Does Kid Club provide snacks?

We provide healthy, nutritious, home-made afternoon snack daily. For Pro-D and Vacation Care we provide both morning and afternoon snacks and we ask that children bring their own lunch.

What happens if there is a power outage?

Should the School Board announce school closures whilst Deep Cove Elementary is in session those children who would normally be in attendance at Kid Club that day in their regular program will proceed to Kid Club at 2:48 pm as usual to await collection. We shall remain open until every child is safely collected.

In the event of a power outage we will not have access to voicemail or email, however we should be able to maintain direct communication via our usual phone number, and we shall contact families directly regarding any such closures. We do ask that children are collected as early as possible as we will have limited lighting, heating and washroom facilities during a power outage.

What happens if the school does not open due to Extreme Weather Conditions?

When the designated radio stations of School District 63 announce that Deep Cove Elementary School WILL NOT be open due to extreme weather conditions this WILL ALSO EXTEND to Deep Cove Kid Club and all of its programs

When Deep Cove Elementary School closes during a school day, those children who would normally be in attendance in their regular programs on that day will proceed to Kid Club to await collection.

How can I participate in the Deep Cove Kid Club Society?

The Deep Cove Kid Club Society is governed by a Board of Directors. If you are interested in joining the board, please contact the manager of the Deep Cove Kid Club, Lesley MacLaughlin, and she will get you in touch with the president. The current board members are listed below:

  • Walter Langer – President
  • Jennifer Langer – Vice President
  • Bryanny Larkey – Treasurer (currently looking for a new treasurer!)
  • Cameron May – Secretary
  • Michelle Changey – Member at Large
  • Tanis Bradshaw – Member at Large
  • Patricia Kneen – Member at Large